Cover Reveal! - MOTHS by Jane Hennigan

Out of This World SFF is pleased to be taking part in the Cover Reveal for SFF author Jane Hennigan's upcoming book MOTHS!!! This dystopian novel was originally self-published but has recently been picked up by Angry Robot, along with its sequel Toxxic. There have been quite a few rave reviews with regard to this novel and it is set for a release date of March 14th, 2023. But in the meantime I'm so happy to be able to bring you a synopsis of this story followed by the stunning Angry Robot edition cover. So let's get started, shall we!

Back Cover Blurb
Forty years ago, the world changed. Toxic threads left behind by mutated moths infected every man and boy, killing them quietly in their sleep, or turning them into crazed killers. No one was safe from their psychopathic wrath and no one could reach them. All seemed hopeless.

But humanity, as it does, adapted and society moved on. Now, men are kept in specially treated dust-free facilities for their safety, and are never able to return to the outside. The world is quiet, but secrets are kept safe in whispers. Very few people remember what life was like before the change, but Mary knows. She had a family. She was happy. This is her story.

Exploring male violence against women, homo-normativity, and gynocracy, Moths is a powerful assessment of life through the lens of a main character in her 70's.

And now, here is the gorgeous new cover for author Jane Hennigan's MOTHS!!!

Just beautiful!!!!

About the Author
Jane is a forty-something mother of two living in Surrey in the UK. She finally made it to university at the age of thirty-four, studying philosophy and English literature. After graduating, Jane began teaching English and philosophy squeezing her passion for writing into any spare time she could find. You can connect with author Jane Hennigan and her books online via her Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

And that concludes my cover reveal for MOTHS by Jane Hennigan! Special thanks to Caroline Lambe at Angry Robot for giving me the opportunity to participate in this wonderful reveal. As always, thanks for supporting the blog and Happy Reading!



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