Cover Reveal! - THE VALKYRIE OF VANAHEIM by Phil Parker

Out of This World SFF is extremely delighted to bring you the official Cover Reveal for fantasy author Phil Parker's brand new book, THE VALKYRIE OF VANAHEIM! I'm always excited when I get to do cover reveals, but this one in particular has me pumped because it truly is a beauty. For those who aren't familiar with Phil's work, he is also the author of The Knights' Protocol trilogy, which I highly recommend everyone check out. 

Before I get to the reveal of the stunning new cover, let's build up the suspense a bit shall we? 

First I'd like to provide a brief description of Phil's new fantasy book, a riveting tale permeating with mysterious portals to different dimensions and the complex relationship of both alliance and treachery between fae and humans.

Book Blurb
Frida Ransom has a secret, she is a human/fae hybrid. A lonely one too. As a child, Frida's mother mad sure they lived a solitary existence so no one would discover the truth. The woman's unexpected death, and a decade-long war with the Fae, increased the girl's isolation.

Now, with the war over, humanity and the Fae must cooperate to overcome new challenges. Except factions on both sides of the inter-dimensional portals oppose this collaboration. 

A new dimension has been found, one humanity could colonize. A mission to reconnoiter this new world takes shape and Frida finds herself included on the team. Her problems deepen when factions of humanity and Fae try to prevent the mission. A sequence of events shines a spotlight on Frida and her family heritage. For this eighteen-year-old young woman, its attention which threatens her sanity and places her in danger. 

Beyond the spotlight, waiting in the darkness of their destination, something malevolent and cunning awaits. It needs Frida to fulfill its plans. Which, if successful, threatens the existence of humanity and the Fae.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for....

The magnificent new cover of THE VALKYRIE OF VANAHEIM by Phil Parker....

Designed by multi-talented author of the Ordshaw series Phil Williams....

Brilliant, right?!!

THE VALKYRIE OF VANAHEIM is available to purchase right now on Amazon.

About the Author
It all started when his parents bought him a typewriter as a teacher. Phil hasn't stopped writing since. That is a long time ago. (Think fossils). It's led to the publishing of books for Drama teachers (he used to be one) and journalistic articles on education. Now Phil writes fantasy stories along with a recent adventure into contemporary fiction, a challenge from his wife. She's read it twice!

Phil is an avid reader of speculative fiction. (Is there anything else?) He reviews for his blog at the Speculative Faction and for Before We Go. He's been a judge for SPFBO. 

Phil consumes pizza in vast quantities and plans on being reborn as an Italian in the next life.

You can connect with Phil Parker and his books online via his Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

And with that, I conclude the Cover Reveal for THE VALKYRIE OF VANAHEIM! I really hope that you enjoyed finding out more about author Phil Parker and his books, as well as seeing the gorgeous cover of his latest release. Oh and before I forget, I just want to mention that I will be reviewing the book next week right here on the blog. So be on the lookout for that. As always, thanks for all the support and happy reading!

- Nick


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