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Out of This World SFF Reviews is thrilled to be just one of the many blogs participating in the Storytellers On Tour Book Tour featuring author Marcus Lee and the concluding book in his The Gifted and the Cursed trilogy, THE END OF DREAMS!  Today is the second day of the tour and I am very excited to be bringing you a synopsis of the novel as well as my official review and some additional links to connect with Marcus and his fantastic books.

But before I begin, I would just like to mention that as part of this week's tour, Marcus would like to announce that there is an incredible promotion taking place for anyone interested in starting this series.  Beginning tomorrow (March 3rd), the first book Kings and Daemons will be FREE on Amazon for the remainder of the week!!!
So if you are looking to dive into The Gifted and the Cursed, this would be the perfect time.  

Now, here is a brief description of THE END OF DREAMS, followed by my official review:

Book Blurb
As Daleth the Witch-King and his horde ready themselves for the final battle, a small alliance prepares for a desperate last stand.  

However, the alliance is weak and fractured, led by a king interested only in retaining his wealth and a lord commander consumed by his thirst for revenge.  With a seemingly unbeatable army before them, invisible foes amongst them, and broken hearts between them, the alliance appears destined to fall. 

Yet in these dark times, her light almost extinguished, a peasant huntress is soon to be a queen.  But if she can find what was lost, she might prove to be more powerful than two kings combined.

This war will bring about the end of dreams, but for whom, the gods have yet to decide.


It is with a certain sense of bitter-sweetness that I type of this review.  The main reason for this is because I have really enjoyed following the journey of these incredible characters and am sad that it had to come to an end.  But what an end it is!  All of the tension that has been building up to this final installment comes to fruition in one of the best climactic stories I've had the pleasure of reading.

This final book picks up immediately following the siege of Tristan's Folly and the crazy battle that took place there.  Many of our beloved main characters have been scattered in different places, some significantly battle-worn to say the least.  Battle plans are being drawn for a potential epic showdown that could change everything with regard to the future of the freestates and its surrounding territories.  The fate of everyone and everything rides on the strategies of only a few and who will prevail is very much a mystery in this terrific epic fantasy tale.

I went into this book with a great deal of anticipation because I knew that this would be the decisive story that would resolve what had come before for the good or bad.  What I wasn't prepared for was just how amazing of a finish I was in for.  Everything that you would expect of this book gets delivered tenfold and my adrenaline was pumping the whole time, that's for sure.  I won't give away even a little bit of what happens, suffice to say though, you will not be disappointed.  

The characters that I have grown to both love and hate: Daleth, Tristan, Taran, Maya, Rakan, are thrown into the maelstrom both emotionally and physically in this one.  Taran and Maya's relationship is very much at the brink and their romance is tested like it has never been before by the overbearing and jealous King Tristan, who will stop at nothing to end the young lovers' relationship and have Maya all to himself as Queen.  Throw in the fact that Taran and Tristan absolutely despise each other and I knew that when they ultimately came together, it was going to be absolute fireworks.

When the last page was turned in this one I was left a bit breathless, shattered, and ultimately fulfilled at the exceptional story that Marcus Lee has brought us.  Too many times the last book in a series doesn't live up to the promise of the preceding books, but THE END OF DREAMS crushed it and then some.  This is a series and a final book that will take you through numerous highs and lows before the dust settles.  But in the end I am happy to say that The Gifted and the Cursed is a series that should make people stand up and take notice.  If you enjoy epic fantasies that hearken back to the classic tales that made you want to read fantasy in the first place, then pick these books up.  They truly are wonderful stories filled with magic, epic battles, and a tinge of the dark.  I'm sad to see it all end but I relish the thought of what is to come from the talented mind of fantasy author Marcus Lee.

Overall Rating:

You can purchase THE END OF DREAMS on Amazon by clicking HERE.

About the author...

Writing hasn't always been a serious hobby for me...but it has always been there, lurking in the shadows, serving me well when called upon.  

As I look back over the years, I realise I was guilty of writing many short stories, as well as poetry, and I'd like to think, that even if they were never intended to be published, they were nonetheless warmly received by the intended recipients.

Then in 2019, I was inspired to write not just a short story, or poetry, but a book.  Then, suddenly, one book turned into a trilogy and a labour of love, and it was a love I wanted to share with the world.  

So, here we are.  The pandemic that put my career in sport on hold also gave me the opportunity to lavish time on my alternative hobby, or if demand dictates my new career.

However, only you, the reader, will decide whether this trilogy, which is still a work in progress, will be my first of many.  I genuinely hope so.

Who knows, now these creative juices are flowing, I might just keep on writing anyway.

Epic fantasy has been my favourite genre since I first read The Odyssey and the Illiad as a seven-year-old.  Now it's my turn to see if I can bring another world to life in the imagination of others. 

You can connect with author Marcus Lee online on his WebsiteTwitterFacebook, and Goodreads.

And that concludes my stop on THE END OF DREAMS book tour!  Hope you enjoyed it.  I would like to extend a special thank you to Storytellers On Tour and author Marcus Lee for the opportunity to participate.  There are many more awesome stops on this tour, so if you would like to follow along, below is the official schedule.

As always, thank you for stopping by and supporting the blog.  Every visit and page view is appreciated more than you know.  Stay safe and healthy and Happy Reading!



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