Cover Reveal!!! - RIVER OF THIEVES by Clayton Snyder

Out of This World SFF Reviews is honored and privileged to be hosting the official Cover Reveal for Clayton Snyder's upcoming new release RIVER OF THIEVES.  Clayton is an amazingly talented author who resides in North Dakota where he writes edgy fantasy tinged with a bit of horror and mayhem.  His The Balance series has been very well-received by both reviewers and fellow authors alike, and was described by Fantasy author Dyrk Ashton as "Extremely well-written, thoughtful, and engaging."  

                                            Author Clayton Snyder
Also as a quick aside, the official publication date for RIVER OF THIEVES is April 30th and can be preordered on Amazon by clicking (here)

And now without further ado, let's get to what you've all come here to see: 

The official Cover Reveal for Clayton Snyder's RIVER OF THIEVES!!!!

Cursed thief Cord relies on his partner Nenn to recover his body, stash the money, and convince the authorities that there are no leads left to follow.  They spend their days hitting low-tier lenders and banks, but after a botched robbery, Cord begins to think they need something bigger, something that will set them up for life.

When that thing happens to be a heist no one else in the kingdom has the stones to pull off, he gathers a group of rogues with a particular set of talents: Nenn, handy with a knife and a cool head; Rek, cat fancier and strongman; and Lux, undead wizard.  Together, they converge on the city of Midian to steal the heart of a saint and punish a tyrant.

What comes out of the carnage is so much more - a conflict between gods that could decide the fate of every thief in the worlds.