Rating System

In the past, I rated the books that I reviewed using a traditional 5-star system.  However, after being selected as one of the judges in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off competition this year, I have now changed that to a numerical scale of 1 to 10 (since this is the official rating system for #SPFBO).  Obviously 1 would be the lowest score and 10 the very highest.  I also reserve the right to extend the rating number one decimal place such as 8.5/10 or 5.7/10 if I think that I need to be that precise.  Below is a breakdown of the scale.

Rating Scale:

1  → Poor

2  → Not Good

3  → Meh

4  → Nothing Special

5  → Just Okay

6  → Good/Not Great

7  → Very Good

8  → Great

9  → Excellent

10 → Otherworldy